Big Day Rules

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  • You can choose your own team, minimum 3 and maximum 4 people.
  • Teams raise money for the annual cause, the minimum amount required is 200 Euro. You can collect sponsorships or pay it yourself. We hope that all teams will strive to raise the highest amount possible.
  • The Big Day starts Friday evening at midnight and finishes Saturday evening at midnight.
  • A team is deducted 1 species for every 5 minutes past midnight that they arrive at the finish. Species observed outside of the 24 hours do not count towards the total.
  • Start and finish is in Eierlandsche huis in De Cocksdorp, Texel.
  • All teams will receive a copy of the checklist at the official start. Times of observations also have to be noted.
  • We encourage teams to fill in observations using the website (via the mobile app). There is a special Texel Big Day page through which the progress of teams can be followed.
  • The species list has to be submitted after you have finished. Time will be given to double check your own species list and to count your total.
  • Teams are free to determine their route for the Big Day.
  • Species may only be counted when at least all but one of team members has observed this species.
  • Transport is by bike, e-bike or foot only.
  • Team members remain within shouting distance of each other throughout the day.
  • Species that have been heard only can be counted.
  • If two or more teams finish with the same number of species then the team with the most unique (not seen by other teams) species wins.
  • Sub-species do not count as additional species (we follow the IOC World Bird List).
  • Exotic or escaped species do not count (e.g. Pheasant, Egyptian Goose, Mandarin Duck).
  • Be responsible in the field and do not disturb birds, follow the Birdwatchers’ Code of Conduct. The jury may decide to exclude certain vulnerable species, which can not be counted during the Big Day. This will be communicated in advance.
  • Species that can only be seen in areas closed to the public will not be counted. The jury may decide to exclude certain areas to prevent disturbance. This will be communicated in advance.
  • Playback of bird calls or songs or activity that aims to result in a response from a bird is never allowed. Not just during the Texel Big Day, but never. See also the Birdwatchers’ Code of Conduct.
  • Do not enter private property without the owner’s permission.
  • You only qualify for one of the prizes if you have registered in advance and at least one team member, but preferably the whole team, is present during the prize ceremony.
  • For rarities we request a photo or sound recording. If this is not possible then a good description will be required.
  • If in doubt as to the sensitivity of a record (such as a rare or scarce breeding species) always consult the organisers before passing this information on.
  • Teams are allowed to twitch rarities, we want to all teams to see as many species as possible.
  • Use of rare bird alerts websites or apps are allowed providing this information is shared with all the other teams.
  • The jury decides the winning teams and has the final say.

The Texel Big Day is part of the Wadden Islands Bird Festival organised by the National Park Dunes of Texel and the Bird Information Centre Texel, in collaboration with the National Bird Week of BirdLife Netherlands. Inspired by the Champions of the Flyway held in Israel.persfotoHVD008

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