Frequently asked questions:

Where and when is the Texel Big Day Texel?
The event will take place on Saturday 12th May 2018 on the Dutch island of Texel. Start and finish takes place in De Cocksdorp; a village in the north of the island.

How long is the Big Day?
The Texel Big Day lasts for 24 hours (midnight to midnight).

Do I have to be in the field for 24 hours?
No, that is not necessary. We’d ideally like the teams to be present for the start on Friday evening at midnight. After that, all teams are free to spend as much, or as little, time in the field as they like, as long as they at the finish before midnight the following evening.
If you cannot stay awake until the joint start at midnight, then you can start later. The finish opens at 8:00 pm on Saturday evening and closes at midnight.

The amount of hours you spend in the field is part of your strategy. The longer you are outside the longer you have to find more species. On the other hand, some extra sleep might mean that you are more awake for picking up those tricky species. So it’s up to you to how much of the time you spend in the field.

What is the purpose of the Texel Big Day 2018?
One of the main goals is to highlight the decline of House Martins to the wider public and to draw attention to how people can help the species. Visibility in the (social) media plays an important role, and for this reason we hope that all teams will join in at the official start.
In addition, we aim to money for the conservation of this beautiful species.

We request that teams raise a minimum of € 200 for the event, but of course many will hopefully raise more. We also ask teams to help promote the event within their own (social media) network, before, during and after the Texel Big Day. This will raise awareness and possibly more opportunities for raising money.

Where does the money raised go?
The money collected will be used by the charity ‘Texel Bird Island’ (Stichting Texel Vogeleiland) to ensure the plight of the House Martins is highlighted and practical measures are undertaken to help the species on Texel.

How can people support and donate to my team?
On each team page there is a donation button, this links to the Stichting Texel Vogeleiland donation form. On this form you can specify which team you wish to support.

Personal donations received by team members can also be paid in this way, preferably before 12th May.

How do you indicate which team the donation is for?
There is a part to fill in the team name on the donation form.

What if our team doesn’t raise the € 200 registration fee?
The € 200 enrolment fee is a target; you can contribute yourself or collect sponsorship. We hope that all teams will strive to raise the highest amount,.

100% of the donations collected will go possible towards helping House Martins on Texel.

You have until 12th May 2018 to raise the minimum amount. If you doubt you will be able to raise then please contact the organisers in good time and we can support you.

What if I collect more than € 200?
Then you have the chance to win ‘Best Fundraisers 2018’!

Which modes of transport are we allowed to use during the Big Day?
During the Texel Big Day teams are permitted to travel by bike or e-bike. Walking is also permitted. But the use of cars, scooters, boats or horses is not allowed.

How do we reserve a bike?
The organisers have arranged that 25 e-bikes will be available during the Big Day free of charge for participants. Request one of the e-bikes when you register, and be quick because numbers are limited. You can also use your own bike, or rent a bike from one of the many cycle hire companies on Texel. Reduced rental rates are available to participants, contact the organisers for details.

How do the organisers support the teams?
The organisers are on hand to answer all your questions about the Texel Big Day, including as to species and sites on Texel.

Teams are also invited to join the introduction talk on Friday 11th May, which will include recent sightings and a rundown of the best sites on Texel.

Teams can also join the special Texel Big Day WhatsApp group, in which all observations will be actively shared. The success of the event depends on all teams sharing their sightings and we ask teams to maintain openness about their observations. Participating teams will receive further information at a later date.

How is the winner of the Texel Big Day determined?
Winners will be declared for two categories: the team that raised the most money; and the team who recorded the most species.

If multiple teams have recorded same number of species, then the team that has seen (rather than heard only) the most species will be declared the winner.

The winners will be announced during the prize ceremony on Sunday 13th May 2018.

Can I also win if I’m not at the prize ceremony?
A team can only win if at least 1 team member is present at the prize ceremony on Sunday 13th May 2018. The Texel Big Day is also a social event and we hope that all teams will be present for the prize ceremony.

Do all the teams have to compete for the main prizes?
Not necessarily, you can also take part just to enjoy a days birdwatching whilst raising money for a good cause. The atmosphere on the day, coupled with the camaraderie with your fellow birdwatchers and the worthy cause are all good reasons to take part.

What happens if it rains during the Big Day?
Shelter or put on your raincoat! As the Scandinavians say, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing”.

NB: Details may change but we will ensure that all participants receive all necessary information in advance of the event.
Any questions? e-mail us at:

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